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Germany Job seeker skilled visa - Germany jobseeker residence permit

Germany Skilled Jobseeker Visa

Explore the World of German with us

It is possible to be granted a residence permit for the purpose of seeking work in germany. A residence permit is issued for the period of 6 months under the German Job seeker visa on the basis of an individual evaluation based on your profile attributes of qualification, experience and so on.

Skilled jobseekers
Special rules apply for skilled workers who want to come to germany to seek employment here. You can be granted a residence permit as a jobseeker if you are a skilled worker and are subject to a visa requirement.

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Germany Job Seeker Visa leading to residency card

Embassy fees: 60 EURO

And Document verification fees around: 500 GBP

Apply for Germany Job seeker visa it gives you the opportunity of gateway to search the jobs in the largest Economy market of Europe where the hail of giants of companies come. Just to name few of them Audi Adidas DHL Mercedes-Benz BMW SAP Volkswagen Porsche and many more.

With this visa you will be given six months time to search the jobs and once you found you can claim the residency and to be reminded with this visa you cannot take any employment. This is a job seeker visa a similar staff what Dubai has started long back and followed by Norway.

Coming back to the hottest topic what we can expect and waited for so long is GERMAN EMPLOYMENT MARKET. Again to be reminded Germany is the largest economy the European Union (EU) and the fourth largest in the world. Germany is growing faster than the U.S. and its unemployment rate of 7.6% in August is lower than the 9.6% in the U.S. The German economy is the largest in Europe with a GDP of $3.23 Trillion.

Important sectors

Information Technology, Automobile construction, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemicals, environmental technology, fine mechanics, optics, medical technology, biotechnology and genetic engineering, nano technology, aerospace, logistics

A trip to Berlin or a walk in the Alps is one thing. Living and working in Germany is another: immersing yourself totally in another culture and getting to know a country and its people inside out. Whether your aim is to discover new job opportunities or to give your career an extra boost. We want to help you do it.

Moderate climate, a regionally diverse cuisine (though not exactly renowned for its sophistication), a varied landscape with coasts and mountains, any number of famous historic and natural monuments...All of that, and lots more, is "typically German". Many Germans like to spend their holidays in their own country due to these, and other, attractions. At the same time, the number of international overnight stays in Germany reached almost 55 million in 2009 according to the German Central Office for Tourism. People from all over the world grace Germany with their presence time and time again. We Germans think that is fantastic.

Applying for work in Germany

We are glad you are here to apply with us. We try not only to apply and make your application complete for the job seeker visa but we will also help you to find the job opportunities in German market.

Documents Requirements

---- Signed Declaration on True and Complete Information

---- Three passport size photos

---- Valid passport with a validity of at least 12 months along with two copies of all printed pages. Please note that Indian passports can only be accepted if their bio data (name, date of birth, place of birth of holder, gender) have not been modified by an "observation". However, observations regarding the validity of the passport are permitted.

---- Motivation letter from applicant, explaining the exact purpose, course of action to find employment and duration of your stay in Germany as well as next career plans should stay in Germany be unsuccessful

---- Proof of Academic Qualification (from a German university or equal or equivalent to a German academic degree) and relevant previous work Experience Certificates for future employment in Germany (for recognition of non-german degrees kindly refer to www.anabin.de )

---- Experience Letter

---- personal CV containing full education and employment history

---- Proof of accommodation in Germany (if staying with a friend or relative, Verpflichtungserklärung = formal obligation letter from local Immigration Authority would be appreciated)

---- 7500 Euro bank statement (Verpflichtungserklärung as above, bank accounts, tax assessment form etc if applicable)

How to apply

We can uniquely administrate to cater your move to Denmark and germany.

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